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We help addicts in the Provo area break free from the vicious cycle of drug and/or alcohol addiction and gives them the chance to change their life for the better. Drug and/or alcohol abuse is too destructive and damaging to agonize through alone, our facilities in Provo helps addicts that have had enough with the struggle and are ready to achieve their sobriety goals. Clients have access to:

  • clinically-supervised detox procedures, when needed
  • personalized addiction treatment programs
  • group and individual counseling
  • healthy diversions and physical activities
  • comfortable living accommodations
  • twenty-four-hour supervision and care

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Efficient Treatment Programs

Even though there are many different traditional and experimental approaches to treating drug and/or alcohol addiction, there are specific principles about drug addiction rehab that the majority of scientists, therapists, and health care specialists all agree on. Mainly, there is no single rehabilitation method that will be effective for everyone. It is crucial that therapy programs customize treatment plans to fulfill the requirements of the individual person, not just his or her substance abuse. Legal, medical, psychological, job-related, and social problems must be taken into consideration when devising a treatment plan. This requires close examination and observation of the patient, and the plan must be frequently adjusted and corrected as needed to satisfy the patient’s developing needs. The kinds of treatments used throughout rehabilitation differ, but most plans typically include a combination of:

  • group and/or individual counseling
  • psychotherapy
  • medical services
  • family therapy
  • parenting instruction
  • vocational instruction
  • behavioral therapies

What Types of Rehabilitation Are Available?

There are various levels of rehabilitation available, and generally it depends on the individual’s circumstances which are best. For example, an individual that has been clean for many years, but has a relapse, will need a much different intensity of rehab than a person who has been actively using for a while.

  • If treatment occurs in a hospital or medical clinic, it is called inpatient treatment and provides detox and rehabilitation services in one facility. As inpatient treatment begins to be less common, these facilities focus primarily on providing medically supervised detoxification. Clients are urged to proceed on to treatment after undergoing detox services at our center in Provo.
  • Outpatient treatment is offered at health clinics, counselor’s offices, community medical clinics, or in residential programs with outpatient services. People participating in outpatient services live at home and travel to a facility daily for rehabilitation classes.
  • Residential treatment blends the best parts of inpatient and outpatient care, and this is the kind of program Recovery Drug Rehabilitation offers. Clients reside in upscale residences and are transported daily to the facility for treatment and support meetings. In this type of treatment program, when addicts finally finish treatment they have relearned how to function in society, and are better able to withstand the pressures and temptations of everyday life.

Are you in the Provo Area? Addiction Treatment Can Help!

With the assistance of experts and encouragement from loved ones, recovery is possible, even when the addict has given up hope of ever ending their dependency. Rehabilitation Centers Detox provides programs for all varieties of dependency, and rehabilitation can help those that suffer from additional psychological or emotional problems as well. For assistance finding a rehab center, for any concerns about drug and/or alcohol abuse in general, or for information, our addiction recovery specialists are available 24/7 at 385-332-3938. Call today!

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