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The most effective way to convince an addict to go to rehab (rehabilitation treatment programs) is to stage an intervention. If there is someone in your life who you think may be hooked on drugs or alcohol, someone who has changed on account of their addiction, an intervention is the most direct way to begin helping them into recovery. Addiction is scary for both the addict and the addict’s friends and family. You are probably asking yourself, “How can I help my loved one get healthy again?” and “What can I do to help my friend get clean?” It is frustrating to feel used by the addict and having to watch as other people feed off of the addict with codependent behavior. You can’t be afraid of confrontation: don’t let fear prevent you from taking action. To start the road to recovery pick up the phone and call 385-332-3938 for information about interventions and how to organize one.

What’s an Intervention?

An intervention is an event that’s extremely organized, with the goal of persuading the addict to enter a rehabilitation center for treatment of their addiction. People who are concerned about the addict, including family, friends, clergy members, or coaches, come together to confront the addict about the effects of their substance dependency, and to encourage them to seek treatment. An intervention gives the addict a chance to get help and save their life, even though these objectives can be complicated by the fact that the addict doesn’t recognize that they have a problem or are in denial, or they’re unwilling to get assistance. During an intervention it is important to deal with:

  • the addict’s bad behavior, and how it has impacted the addict and their family members
  • the therapy plan, along with objectives and instructions that the addict is expected to observe
  • what every person will do if the addict will not agree to enter a rehab facility of some kind

There are four different kinds of interventions: simple, crisis, classical, and family system.

  • A simple intervention is literally “simply” asking the person to quit their life-threatening behavior.  Before other, more complex intervention methods are tried, a simple intervention should be attempted.
  • Crisis intervention is necessary when the addict is displaying hazardous behaviors, such as reckless driving, violence, or extreme substance addiction.
  • The purpose of a classical intervention is to keep the focus of the dialogue on a single person in order to get them to agree to rehab immediately.
  • In a family system intervention, the focal point is the whole family, with the intention of changing everyone’s behaviors, particularly in situations of substance abuse and domestic violence, which create socially dysfunctional living environments.

What’s the Difference Between an Intervention and Rehab?

There’s a major difference between an intervention and treatment, though both are crucial for the recovery process. We recommend intervention as a process whereby family and friends convince a family member, friend, or loved one to enter a rehab treatment facility in order to beat their drug and/or alcohol abuse. Intervention is NOT the same thing as therapy, and might not be enough to make the addict stop abusing drugs or alcohol. At rehab facilities like Intervention Center Utah, the addict learns about the illness of addiction, what triggers their addictive behaviors, and how to manage long term recovery. It’s imperative that an addict will enter a treatment program on the very same day as their intervention.

 If you are in the Provo area, Pick up the Phone for Immediate Help

Watching a family member struggle with substance addiction is troubling and scary. Most of the time, interventions are extremely-structured meetings that combine the efforts of family and friends, but it can be as simple as asking the individual to quit their destructive behavior. Drug Detoxification Rehab helps by providing interventionists, locating rehab programs across the United States, or talking about substance addiction in general. Call 385-208-4985 now to help a loved one get the support they so desperately need!

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